Don’t let
cleaning steal
  your show!


           Let the BBQ-CleanBag™ make your grill glow!

Introducing the BBQ-CleanBag™

The BBQ-CleanBag™’ is a revolutionary cleaning product. A combination of a cleaning powder and a durable bag that cleans effectively, easily, and hygienically. Without much effort and without waste.

The revolutionary aspect of the product isn’t just the cleaning solution itself. It’s the smart durable bag, where grills, of various sizes, the cleaning powder and some hot water could be placed together. The BBQ-CleanBag™’ will do its magic in 40 minutes; effortlessly dissolving grease and grime, leaving the grill sparkling clean. An essential gadget, that can be used for over five times.

Allowing all grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts, to focus on what truly mattered, creating cherished moments and indulging in delicious, perfectly grilled meals.

Eco friendly

Reusable bag

less waste

Easy to use

More quality time

Works in less
than 40 minutes


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