Don’t let
cleaning steal
  your show!


           Let the BBQ-CleanBag™ make your grill glow!

Introducing the

The BBQ-CleanBag™’ is a revolutionary cleaning product. A combination of a cleaning powder and a durable bag that cleans effectively, easily, and hygienically. Without much effort and without waste.

The revolutionary aspect of the product isn’t just the cleaning solution itself. It’s the smart durable bag, where grills, of various sizes, the cleaning powder and some hot water could be placed together. The BBQ-CleanBag™’ will do its magic in 40 minutes; effortlessly dissolving grease and grime, leaving the grill sparkling clean. An essential gadget, that can be used for over five times.

Allowing all grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts, to focus on what truly mattered, creating cherished moments and indulging in delicious, perfectly grilled meals.

Eco friendly

Reusable bag

less waste

Easy to use

More quality time

Works in less
than 40 minutes

Eco friendly

Reusable bag

less waste

Easy to use

More quality time

Works in less
than 40 minutes

How to use

Add Grill

Add water
and powder

Close the

Chill for
40 minutes

…and your grill
is clean!

What users think of the BBQ-CleanBag™

“Time-saving Marvel Bag!”

As a passionate barbecue enthusiast, I was always on the lookout for ways to clean my grill quickly and thoroughly. The BBQ-CleanBag™’ has become my secret weapon. Within 40 minutes, this bag transforms my dirty grill into a shiny masterpiece. It saves me precious time that I’d rather spend with friends than scrubbing. Furthermore, the bag is suitable for various grill sizes, and I can even toss in my barbecue tools. An absolute must-have for every BBQ fan!

Jimmi Makani

About us

Hi, I’m Alex!

Launched in 2023 by Alex. An entrepreneur, inventor, and barbecue enthusiast determined to revolutionize the way people clean their barbecue grills. Alex personally experienced the frustration of cleaning his grill after every enjoyable barbecue with family or friends. Chemical cleaners in his green garden, a lot of waste, black stains on his clothes, and a grill that never stayed shiny and hygienic after use. Ultimately putting a damper on a pleasant evening.

He firmly believed that people should reclaim their time together and enjoy the pleasures of grilling without the worry of cleaning up afterward. With a clear vision in mind, Alex embarked on the exciting journey of bringing his idea to life. He gathered a team of skilled engineers, chemists and designers who shared his vision. After months of hard work, overcoming challenges and fine-tuning their creation, the team unveiled a revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning solution.

A Green & Clean solution!

“Choosing BBQ-CleanBag™ isn’t just about getting a sparkling grill; it’s about investing in
a cleaner tomorrow, and possibly impressing your future eco-conscious neighbors.”


The BBQ-CleanBag™’ is entirely recyclable, so please use
appropriate waste disposal systems.


Recyled materials

Our bags are not only crafted from at least 40% recycled
aluminum and 50% recycled plastics but also certified eco-
champions, embody a commitment to responsible resourcing.
Remember, you can reuse the bag many times, just order our
specially developed cleaning agent to keep the bag working on
all of your BBQ-parties.




Eco Friendly

The Magic Potion cleaning solution in the BBQ-CleanBag™’ is not only a cleaning wizard but also an eco-warrior. It’s environmentally friendly and precisely measured, so you won’t waste a drop. This means you can enjoy a spotless grill without any guilt about your environmental footprint. It’s a win-win for
you and the planet!

Green packaging

The packaging for shipping is made from recycled material, and
unnecessary plastic packaging material is avoided. The package
is designed to have a small pack size and weight, causing
relatively low emissions during shipping.


Are you as excited as we are about the BBQ-CleanBag™’ ? Help make this product a reality. We’ve launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, and you can be a part of it! Act fast and take advantage of the perks available to investors in this revolutionary product.

For smart grillers only!


Want to learn more about this product or discuss opportunities to become a reseller? Get in touch with me.

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